well ive made a pretty lenghty post on how id figure id come to a solution on this.
but the subsequent replies in the thread are just 7 pages of these three things:

1. demanding to remove "silly" things opposed to "gritty and realistic" things while failing to define what these are
2. demanding to return to RAW, posts clearly made by people that dont know RAW 5e and how it is too barebones to be a video game
3. congratulating each other on beeing upset about it

and man one thing i just cannot leave uncommented.
5e RAW is a good tactical game! hahahha oh dios mio!

You cannot even flank in 5e RAW, you cant do it!
you cannot flank, you cannot charge you cannot distract an enemy.
None of these thigns are possible in RAW outside of feats (which are not in the standard RAW mind you) or class features.
5e is a TERRIBLE tactical combat game.

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