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I remember when HotU (the expansion to Neverwinter Nights) came out and at some point players discovered that it was supposed to have several endings. They were still left in the actual module, just blocked with a comment that it was removed on request from WotC. Frankly, I doubt WotC has a different deal with Larian now, and that they would now hesitate to interefere in game development when they didn't before.

Wait What? HoTU has cut endings? I have never heard of this, but it sounds really fascinating.

WoTC interfering with games is not new though. Obsidian was infamously blocked from implementing the ability to end the Wall of the Faithless in NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer by WoTC, which was awful since so much of that campaign revolved around what a horrific cosmic injustice its existence was. But they *did* let you eat Myrkul's soul. Fast forward to 5e and here we have references to the Wall quietly scrubbed from the books and Myrkul spontaneously reappearing and back in the spotlight. WoTC.