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Sigh. The point is that it is a D&D game. Upsetting D&D fans by not giving them what they are expecting is just silly. It's like creating a trilogy of Star Wars movies and not giving Star Wars fans what they were hoping for just so they can appeal to non-Star Wars fans.

Oh wait! I think Disney did that, didn't they. I wonder how that turned out. Oh yeah. Lots of upset Star Wars fans who have given up on the franchise and Disney isn't quite sure what direction to go in now.

But whatever. I don't know why there are so many who are resistant to the idea of Larian creating a 5e authentic difficulty setting. It wouldn't harm anyone's gaming experience and it would shut D&D fans up and make them happy. We're talking an optional setting. So why resist it and argue about it? If Larian is wise, they'll give us the option. If not, whatever. I guess we'll see how the poop storm is that will follow. Maybe it wont be that bad. Who knows?

But the ask should still be made. Please give us a 5e option.

I think Iron Man 3 might be a fairer comparison. Marvel comic fans HATED the changes, they complained loudly and constantly and the film was still a critical and commercial success because companies aren't under the thumb of tiny niche audiences.

If Larian make a bad system then that will cost them, critically and commercially. If they make a good system that has a handful of Very Important Differences to 5E that makes a small number of people very angry then no-one else is going to care.