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18 Hours to download? That's insanity... I mean... how/why? Are you on dialup or something? Ok, joking aside, it only took me about 23-25 minutes to download patch 4, and yeah roughly 5-6 mins for the hotfix. Why on earth would it take almost sooooo long (almost a full day!) to download a big patch? Even with slower internet speeds, it shouldn't be taking that long.

Hey, other Steam users! Let's try to help out Ido58 with this issue!

Ido, let us know your PC specs. Perhaps we can all help you figure it out?
I have a pretty decent PC. (I7-9700F, 16GB mem.)
This patch was around 45 GB in size. I downloaded at around 700KB /sec. That's not so bad.

Oh, I see. Sure, but 18 hours... would be unacceptable for me, but I totally get it... I mean my interenet downloads at 100 MB a sec. So yeah, no wonder mine downloaded in only 25 min...