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And they weren't for D:OS2?
Dunno ... i dint play neither of them, and i dont know their franchise.
But i quite honestly kinda presumed its some entirely new "world" that was just created by Larian ... and if so, then compared to Baldur's Gate (resp. DnD), wich have decades of Lore allready prepared? Sorry, but no, not even close. laugh

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D:OS2 sold really well and was a critical darling. From what I can find, at the moment Baldur's Gate3 is being developed for PC&MAC, just like D:OS1&2 were. That means, that after the game is complete devs will most likely focus on porting it to PS5/XBOX, maybe once again using this time to improve base game as well. If I remember well, there is also stuff they want to do, that won't be available on launch (campaign editor). Those are not small undertaking.
Oh i see we dont understanded each other ... i presume we shall now. smile

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!