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On quotes about pathfinder they adapted turn based due to player demand because it was preferred to real time with pause which showed in kingmaker and was later carried into path of the righteous due to majority preference....
Show me evidence that it is the majority preference for P:WotR. There is zero such evidence. Yes, a sizable group wanted it, but majority? Sure.

Even with BG3, surveys show the TB preference is a majority but not overwhelmingly so, about 54-46%.

And, a preference is exactly that. A preference. Something subjective. Someone's preference does not translate into whether or not something works well. If people prefer TB over RTwP, that's fine. But don't try and tell me that subjective preference equals TB "works better" than RTwP in some objective sense, because that is blatantly false.

I have to be honnest even if (and you know it) I share your thoughts a lot on this threads.

There were a poll on Owlcat's discord before the beta launch. Something like "which mode do you prefer in kingmaker ".

144 RTWP (I vote for RTWP)
245 TB
266 Both are good.

TB is more popular but a lot of good TB games were created the past few years (both on PC but also on console).
There's not a lot of new RTWP games since a few years except the "oldschool RPG" and exclusive PC games (like the Total War serie). That's probably why players are less interrested.

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