-it would be very nice if using highlight highlighted all interactables PLUS you could change it to a toggle instead of a button hold. plz my fingers get tired holding down alt.
-on tooltips : my gf loved divinity 2 and loves bg3 BUT has never played DnD or read the handbook or anything. I don't find the tool tips for spells/abilities lacking but she definitely does. It would be nice if there was an alternate set of tooltips for people who haven't played DnD before. For instance what does it mean for a weapon to be light or for it to be a finesse weapon, what counts as a creature or a humanoid, if "attack/saving throw: Constitution" means a spell rolls using con, where does your proficiency bonus come from, what does the "resistance" that some potions give you do, wtf does advantage mean, what's a critical fail, and what does protection from good and evil protect against are just a some of the things I had to explain. Which is fine but not everyone who hasn't played DnD before will be playing this game with someone who has played it. Obviously a lot of this can be googled but I think all the information needed to play a game should be contained within the game itself. Also the ability to view old tutorial messages would be nice. Alternatively to expanded tool tips a searchable rule book that contains greater details.
-to build on the idea of info for noobs in divinity you can see basically all the things your character can get access to by leveling up from the very beginning. For things like moon vs land druid it would be nice to be able to see what the different paths give you down the line rather than just at the current level.

edit : i realize there is a way to view old tutorials i'm just dumb. I do think it should be seachable and more of the info should be in the tooltips for beginners tho

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