if i remember correctly in dragon age origins camping is handled where you have to physically get your party to the travel point on the edge of a given map. I think it worked very well. Since you wanted to keep on going so you didn't have to double back and then reenter and w/e. currently in bg3 there's no reason at all to not do a long rest after every single battle. I think the idea to make it waypoint only is a good one BUT they would need to add more waypoints imo. they would have to be placed while keeping in mind that they are the way the player accesses long rests. i.e. in dungeon areas one at the beginning and one at the end kinda thing. They'd have to take out fast travel but walking everywhere in a game without respawning enemies can get boring SO

once you've gotten to camp after you sleep it lets you choose which waypoint you want to come back out at. thus you can only fast travel after a long rest.

it would be really lame if they solved this problem by adding time pressure with the tadpoles. I hate time pressure in games. lemmie take my time! It would also bias the balance towards characters who don't need to rest as often (i.e. away from casters).