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You know what's funny? I would never have guessed this method if you hadn't written it. These are things that you may NOT WANT TO USE, because this is not an online game or something like that, where you definitely need to use the most "strong way". It always amazes me how people ruin their own game. How they come up with the idea of carrying barrels or something like that.

You know, Larian can have problems with strategy or interface, but when people here talk about things like "I'm carrying 300 barrels, it ruins my game" I'm amazed. Just don't do it. I have 100+ hours in DOS2, I have never used it, I did not even think about it.

And I do not want to speak for everyone, but my opinion is that many people will not even guess that it is possible and necessary to do...

Speaking about DOS2, game can be played without these methods. So why you don't do it? Because someone on YouTube showed you what could be easier? Larian doesn't force you to use it.

Speaking about BG3 there are situations that are still really difficult to get through without it...


this is EA, we have only 4lvl. For example, it is very difficult for me to protect grove without blowing up barrels. This is only place where game told you to "use barrels".

Another problem for me - gits 5lvl, after 4th patch they became more difficult, but thats mean Larian changes something. Cuz I dont have problem with gits on patch 3.
That backpack, telekinesis mechanic was something I came up with myself. I only used it once, because I had an idea it would work, and I had to try it. Out of curiosity I made a save and edited it to test the tactic as if I actually specked into using that strategy because I had to know what the numbers and feasibility would be. I couldn't imagine having to teleport and telekinesis that backpack to every encounter, because that doesn't sound like fun to me. Why are you presuming I used this exploit or any others through the game, because I certainly didn't say that. I've played every game Larian has released, and I've never completed any of them. I tried DOS II again after they released their massive balance patch, and I still found the gameplay extremely lacking. I've been playing these types of games since before the release of Pool of Radiance in 1996. I was also an Alpha and Beta tester for such games during that time, so finding the limitations and exploits of game mechanics, and determining game balance is something I am familiar with. Even though I no longer playtest professionally, finding interesting strategies within game mechanics is ingrained into the way I approach any game. Also, game balance isn't about challenge and difficulty. Game balance is about the core mechanics in the game, and how they're balanced with all aspect of the game.

Besides, the issue isn't even with these extreme examples. The issue is with the the changes Larian have made to the core mechanics of 5e, and how these changes fundamentally alter game balance. You can't just ignore most of these changes to the core mechanics of the game, and choose not to use them. Here's an example: do I stop using every damage cantrip that requires an attack roll? Larian has universally lowered enemy AC, and increased hit points to compensate, so using such cantrips feels like an exploit now. Which leaves a few cantrips that require a saving throw and not an attack roll to pick from. It's a good thing spells like magic missile still exist, they're an auto hit (without shield spell), it's too bad enemy's now have around double the hit points, so such spells really feel neutered now. So what do I do about not wanting to take advantage of using high ground, just never use it? That's an insane proposition. High ground sure makes spells like Bless and many other fundamental spells, feats, and class features feel utterly useless now. What's a 5% increase to a chance to hit while also using a spell slot, when I can move the character three blocks to high ground, and statistically get around a 20-25% increase to my chance to hit, all without even using a spell slot. Which is probably why Larian removed Bless from the game. Too bad the Bless spell isn't the only game balance issue to result in adding the high ground mechanic. What about my disengage options, or using backstab? I can point out dozens of changes Liarian have made to the core mechanics of 5e that now all feel like exploits. Some feeling almost as ridiculous as the DOS II backpack exploit I mentioned earlier. So what are my options now for playing the game without using these game mechanics? The issues with this game (or any Larian game) aren't as simple as not using fast travel in Skyrim if you don't like the game mechanic. These fundamental issues and exploits are baked into the core of the game, and they drastically influence game balance.

I currently just finished with Trials of Fire, and it's a very interesting game. My last run after getting familiar with the game was an all magic run on hard difficulty. I beat the game with no defence cards (the games only damage mitigation), no range, and no melee cards in any of the decks. No melee was interesting since the game has a strong mechanic that utilizes free melee strikes when adjacent to an enemy you're attacking with another hero. While using no defence cards fundamentally and drastically alters how you have to play the game. I didn't do this as some challenge, or to brag. Hard isn't even the highest difficulty setting, and I suspect thousands have bet the game on the hardest difficulty with far more unconventional tactics. I did it because my three favourite heroes were primarily magic attack users, and I wanted to enjoy the game playing with those heroes. I didn't have to remove all melee, range, and defence cards from my heroes decks, but I figured it would be interesting to try. Enjoying the game for me personally means no exploits and no cheese, just understanding the mechanics, and creating a strategy that works. I never even grinded the game long enough to unlock all the cards, but I really enjoyed the game. Like Tower of Time I mentioned in the original post, it's a strategic game with RPG elements, both are well balanced, and a challenge to play. Which certainly isn't like any game Larian has developed.