I agree. It was nice that Tactical Adventures did that. I agree, I'd love some feedback one why or another. Just tell me what Im getting. I can accept a no 5e game. I might be disappointed but I can accept it. Its the not hearing anything that's hard.

That said, one thing I will say in Larians defense. Look at the sheer volume of posts. The difference between Larian and TA is that Larian has a MUCH bigger fan base that they really want to make happy. So while TA had 3,000 posts on steam, Larian had 18,000 just for BG3. That's a lot more people to make happy and a lot harder and more time consuming. Plus, BG3 is a MUCH more diverse game with a lot more potential and paths to take.

That said, this is why a 5e Difficulty Option would solve a lot of issues. Give the 5e'ers 5e strict rules more like how Solasta is and shut up half your fan base. Then give the rest who like quasi- DOS what they want. Yes, I'm sure that's more coding, but in the end it will make a LOT of fans happy and potentially bring in more hard core D&D fans.

D&D fans are like Star Wars fans. If something like the scar on Kyle Rens face is off, we notice and get upset. You gotta be consistent and stay true to the genre, the rules, the story, etc. Look at the Drow post and you'll see what I mean.