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There is a reason the whole "fatigue" system, or "damaged armor" system has basically been removed from 99% of these type of games and MMOs. Most people do not like them, and find them restraining. There really should be no type of limit of long rests per day, considering there is actually no time tracking system (day/night cycle) in the game to begin with. Who knows, maybe they will integrate the whole day/night thing. But I am thinking since it is not integrated by early access, I am not confident it will be added at all. But again, who knows until launch day. I just don't see how anyone can say that mages are somehow OP in this game, considering the bulk of their spells miss. If anything, I have found the melee fighters to be way more OP than the casters.
Having what amounts to infinite rests means they will have to homebrew even more stuff to balance things in later levels. Already it is pointless to play warlock if you just want to be a spellcaster. In any other game except maybe survival ones I would agree with you that fatigue and broken gear are just a pain, but this one is supposed to be using the 5e framework. I much prefer ranged combat to melee, only use Lae'zel for this but she is somewhat useless with everyone else being ranged. While the lower level spells aren't exactly OP, if used "properly" (high ground, etc) or used mostly for crowd control, they do very well. My wizards barely touch MM, instead the spellcasters use things like Web, Entangle, Spike Growth, and Faerie Fire. Cantrips are used for damage, and even those I use specific ones that work best for the situation (usually Chill Touch or Firebolt.) I don't have the issue that many others seem to have with spells missing because of this and I even have Gale in my party most of the time.