A few bug reports on a multiplayer game.
2 player characters (warlock and fighter), 2 companions (Shadowheart, Astarion). Game run via Steam but on 2 adjacent computers. Both PC, if that matters.
The game "belonged" to my husband, but I was able to create a character to run with him, however the game seemed to focus on his character, mine being secondary. While that's not entirely a problem, it did mean I encountered a lot more bugs with character/NPC interaction. Reporting them here in the hopes that they might get ironed out.

- Camp bugs - when 1 player character has 1 companion with them, making for a party of 4 total, the game lets the whole party of 4 get to camp, but treats both "groups" separately when leaving camp. My husband's character was able to leave camp with Shadowheart and go back to where we were, but I kept getting left behind, and couldn't leave - had to rest again, then I was able to leave camp with Astarion and end up back where we were in the world.

- Companions having reputation with different player characters individually is awesome, and you can see this on the character sheets. However, being that I wasn't the "host" but the "visitor" to the multiplayer game, I couldn't see any reputation gains happening for my character even when having a standalone conversation with a companion.

- I missed out on two pivotal character scenes with Astarion, whom I'd hoped to be able to raise reputation with - the scene to talk to him after the first illithid dream didn't trigger for me at all (discussing the dream and the new power), and neither did the stargazing scene before the "bite night". As in, he had the yellow exclamation mark, the screen faded as if going to the cutscene, but cutscene didn't trigger at all, and the exclamation mark disappeared. This happened twice in one game session, but only to Astarion - I was able to talk and complete conversation cutscenes with all the other companions.

- "listening in" on my husband's character's conversations - camera angles were going quite buggy (underground, characters' feet, blurred background without companion character, etc), this didn't happen to me nearly as much in my single player playthrough. His were fine on his screen.

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