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You couldn't be more wrong. RTwP works (in the present tense, not just the past tense) extremely well in all the IE games as well as the NwN games. It also works fantastically in the Pathfinder games. There is ZERO logic to the claim that if a game's rules come from TB TT, then the videogame adaptation must also be TB. Videogames are fundamentally different from TT games. The TB system in TT games is there out of necessity. Nobody chooses TB in TT games because there is no choice. TB is the ONLY way a TT game can possibly be played. However, there is no such LIMITATION in a videogame. So the limitation of TB in a TT game can be dispensed with when that game is adapted for the computer. It is merely a matter of whether the game's developers are technically capable of pulling it off or not.

You enjoying RTwP has no being on the whether or not it is as good system for adapting a turn-based tabletop rule system to the pc, which it demonstrably is not. It was bad for trying to adapt 2E for the Infinity Engine games, causing melee classes to be relegated to auto-attacking tools, and was somehow even worse for NWN, given what had to be cut to make the rule system fit RTwP. Flanking and backstabbing broken, no counterspell, no held action, no called shot, no grappling, no charging, etc, etc.

Then go and compare the adaptation of 3e for NWN 1/2, to Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil. In spite of it being absolutely broken at launch, that game still stands as the best adaptation of any version of DnD to the pc.

Dragonage Origins works because it's not trying to adapt a tabletop ruleset, the entire combat system is tailored for RTwP.
Something being the "best adaptation of a TT rule set" is not the same as something being "good." For you, that perfect adaptation of the TT rules is what you're looking for. For me, I don't give a damn about the TT rules, and have no desire to see everything from the TT rules be "perfectly" adapted to a videogame. In fact, I WANT many of the TT rules to be discarded or changed, because I find them to be crap. In an ideal world, Wizards would allow a game developer to license just the Forgotten Realms setting and its lore and not D&D rules and mechanics, so that they could make a game using that setting and lore but with completely different mechanics than D&D.