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So far, Druid - circle of the moon and Fighter - battle master are leading the poll.

How do we explain that ?
I cant even explain how anyone would choose circle of the moon, when circle of the land is right next to it. laugh
But its probably just me being more like caster guy. laugh

BTW, just a little offtopic ...
Am i the only one who cant shake the feeling that this two circles should be named vice-versa ?
It seem odd to me that druid that is from circle of "land" is summonning moonbeam ...
And druid that is from circle of "moon" is turning into various beasts that are running around the land. laugh

I mean i completely understand that druids get their magical powers from the land around them ... but still, this wording is ... well, just weird. laugh

I like Circle of the Land better too. The spells are working much better for me, than the shape-shifting.
And I never thought about the names, but you are right, it makes more sense the other way around.

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