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There is a reason the whole "fatigue" system, or "damaged armor" system has basically been removed from 99% of these type of games and MMOs. Most people do not like them, and find them restraining. There really should be no type of limit of long rests per day, considering there is actually no time tracking system (day/night cycle) in the game to begin with. Who knows, maybe they will integrate the whole day/night thing. But I am thinking since it is not integrated by early access, I am not confident it will be added at all. But again, who knows until launch day.
Having what amounts to infinite rests means they will have to homebrew even more stuff to balance things in later levels.

They SHOULD include a time tracking system, but to give you a certain time to complete act 1 before instantly dying via the ceremorphosis into a mindflayer. Say you couldn't complete Act 1 with any character and *had* to play multiple times to see it all because of the time constraint. That way you'd rush to one of the three paths to the towers instead of combing the entire map. It would make sense story-wise as well, and I'm surprised it's not already integrated into the game.

To see that on the full release would be awesome. It would speed up Act 1 (which we've all played to death already) and give you a reason to replay to try another path. It would tie into the story really well if they added sickness later and more dreams or other events about your infection. Again, insta-death if you don't finish Act 1 in time.

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