This is one of those topics that has me putting my head in my hands and asking "Why can't we all just get along"?

You are absolutely correct in your assessment. How you play your game has ZERO impact on how I play mine.

It shouldn't matter one iota if you want to save scum or not.

The only thing I would perhaps suggest is an achievement that unlocks if the player finishes without reloading once.
But again, purely a vanity feature and of no real importance.

The other thing I've noticed about BG3, is due to the way encounters are designed, you get AMBUSHED a lot.
That is to say, there's an aspect of the fight that isn't telegraphed early on that can really blindside you and wipe you out.

I tend to find myself reloading combat, because sometimes, things just go sideways and I wasn't able to adapt correctly.
The same comes for when your attempts to get a certain outcome in the game are foiled by a dice roll.

I don't have the time to replay the game over and over again from scratch, just to try and follow the story path I *actually* wanted to follow.