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Shout out to the thief, who gets two bonus actions. Say what you want about larian's Homebrew, but I find this one to be an absolute joy. I'm not sure if anything in 5e permits two bonus actions, so having a class that can just do it gives us a chance to do things we wouldnt otherwise be able to do. Put a sword in each hand, and you're set.

Well, Fast Hands is supposed to be:

Starting at 3rd Level, you can use the Bonus Action granted by your Cunning Action to make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check, use your thieves’ tools to Disarm a trap or open a lock, or take the Use an Object action.

And while a second Bonus Action is nice it kinda messes a tiny bit with the action economy and I kinda miss being able to pick pocket things as a bonus action in combat, deal with that trap that is about to go off, or use something and still be able to attack.