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No time limits. This was already annoying with pathfinder.
Nah, it wasn't.
You did find it annoying, which is a different claim to make.

Fortunately, time constraints aren't very popular and generally disliked, so there is no chance that Larian would try it.
Yeah, popular consensus seems to be the BANE of sensible game design.
People hate restrictions even when they make perfect sense and enhance immersion. Hell, even when they actually improve things mechanically (see XCOM 2). They want convenience above quality of experience, they want flashy question marks above quest givers, instant fast travel from anywhere to everywhere taking away any sense of scale and pace from the game world, they want minimaps telling them everything is going on on a 50 meters radius and omniscient GPS driving them with military-grade precisions on their targets without a single need to having to figure out a thing by context.

And modern mainstream game designers are absolutely terrorized by the idea of daring giving to these people the middle finger they deserve and stick to what actually works and makes a game mechanically more interesting.

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