I like time constraints as long as they're fairly lenient (like Kingmaker's). They add tension & immersion while still, in PKm's case, allowing the player to complete most if not all of the content. I could type out all the reasons why, but just go up 3 posts to read everything @Tuco said.

If Larian's not going to make changes to class balance, then there should to be some type of time or resource constraint to limit long resting. This can be any of:
-large-scale time constraints (7 days until you're turned into a mindflayer, possibly with each "healer" NPC slowing the transformation and adding a day or two)
-quest-based (various quests that progress when you long rest: e.g., Hag, Waukeen's Rest, Druid Ritual)
-daily constraints (you literally cannot long rest until X in-game hours have passed and/or you've taken Y short rests)
-resource (gold or ration requirement for resting)
-location-based (Cannot long rest in Hag's lair, the underdark, any dungeon, and you can only fast travel to designated waypoints. No clicking a button, teleporting to camp, then returning to exactly where you were)

And of course, camp cutscenes need to NOT be tied to long resting. If you're not going to put a restriction on resting Larian, at least don't require long-rest spam in order to get all of the story and companion dialogues.