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I seriously wonder if Larian even considered how the resting system impacts the class balance? Like with warlocks and monks and fighters, largely centered around short rests for instance. As it stands now there is zero reason to take short rests when you might aswell spam long rests. It completely screws up the class balance, but... do they even know that? I mean, they MUST know it, right?
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The question is never if they know (it's generally assumed they do) but if they care and if they are attempting to address it.
When the game launched you were only allowed to take 1 short rest in between long rests.
In Patch 3 they changed this to 2 short rests per long rest with the following reasoning:
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More adventuring, and less resting
You now get 2 short rests after your long rest. Previously, you only had a single short rest. That’s twice the rest, for the same price! This means you have more uninterrupted adventures, and all the perks of resting.
Make of this what you will.