1. Time constraints will ruin the game for some people, it's just a fact. Many people hate rush, or even the illusion of it, because it causes them stress.
2. Obviously, at this stage, there is no need to rush to BG3, because at a certain stage npc are told you "you have time". Of course, at first it does not seem so, you will most likely try to find Halsin as quickly as possible or Nettie, but as soon as they tell you that the transformation will not come immediately, then the "stress" mode goes away. And I think that's a good thing.
Perhaps some of you like the feeling of "rigor", even if it is an illusion, but personally I do not, and if dev add this to the game, then I will not be able to play and have fun. When game says "You need to be faster", there is no more fun, only stress. And I don't think I'll be able to turn it off somehow, lol. So technically, this is a bad idea. Especially for rpg genre.

Do you need time limits? So create them for yourself! The joke is that you won't lose anything if they aren't added to the game. This will not spoil your game, because you can run forward at breakneck speed, who will stop you. But don't force others to play the way you like.

I'm not talking about the problem with the camp and the cut scenes, they really are, and I would like to change that, just because even I don't need to rest so many times.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty