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No, what Larian and Swen Vincke have said is that often TT rules DO NOT translate well to a videogame and so things have to be changed sometimes. I totally agree with them in this, and believe the first TT rule that should always go is doing things by turns.

Furthermore, in their early interviews last February right after BG3 was announced, Vincke, the main Larian dev handling BG3 combat, and that guy from Wizards who's always in the interviews all stated for the record that there is nothing in D&D 5e rules that cannot be handled in a RTwP combat system. Nothing. But it was Larian's personal CHOICE to go with TB because that is their thing and what they are good at and like to do in their games.

Finally, Wizards clearly does not buy into any nonsense that just because D&D TT mechanics are TB that all videogame adaptations should also be TB. Not only have they explicitly said they intend to make other future D&D videogames that will use RT/RTwP combat, they are actually doing so with the Dark Alliance game which is RT.

Yeah, that's not exactly what Vincke has said:

BG3 is based on the fifth edition [of D&D]. We started by setting out the ruleset very meticulously, and then seeing what worked and what didn’t work – because it is a videogame, and D&D was made to play as a tabletop game. So for the things that didn’t work, we came up with solutions.

From what we've seen so far, Swen is not telling the truth in that statement anyway, because it is readily apparent, that Larian started with DOS, and attempted to add in 5E, and what didn't jive with DOS, they cut or changed.

Notice though, that they didn't cut the turn-based aspect, because RTwP doesn't fit with 5e or DOS.

As to your 'whataboutism' with bringing up Dark Alliance, that has nothing to do with BG3, or adapting 5e to the pc. Dark Alliance is not, nor has it even been billed as an adaptation of 5e rules to a pc game.

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