High Elves and Wood Elves are a copy paste of 5e, the game doesn't go deep into the diffrent sub-race types of elves (Forgotten Realms) enough IMO.

High Elf
As a high elf, you have a keen mind and a mastery of at least the basics of magic. In many of the worlds of D&D, there are two kinds of high elves. One type (which
includes the gray elves and valley elves of Greyhawk, the Silvanesti of Dragonlance, and the sun elves of the Forgotten Realms) is haughty and reclusive, believing
themselves to be superior to non-elves and even other elves.
The other type (including the high elves of Greyhawk, the Qualinesti of Dragonlance, and the moon elves of the Forgotten Realms) are more common and more
friendly, and often encountered among humans and other races.

The sun elves of Faerûn (also called gold elves or sun-rise elves) have bronze skin and hair of copper, black, or golden blond. Their eyes are golden, silver, or black.

Moon elves (also called silver elves or gray elves) are much paler, with alabaster skin sometimes tinged with blue. They often have hair of silver-white, black, or blue,
but various shades of blond, brown, and red are not uncommon. Their eyes are blue or green and flecked with gold.

Copy/paste from freebe pdf, page: 17

I don't have the info on Eladrin or how they are interpreted in 5e for forgotten realms. 4e which I have info on does a different take on the FR elves since its only elves and eladrin with no subtypes.

My favorite pic of a Eladrin in the forgotten realms phb 4e
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curious if they make it to bg3 if they will be tossed off to the side like drow or put under elves as a subrace.

edit*this is part of the info I was going to post on the drow thread but decided just to toss it here since this thread is general is more about all elves.

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