Please please please PLEASE do not make this game RTWP only!!!!

I HATE it. I suck at it. The thing I hated most about BG1, 2, IWD, NWN2, and all such games is RTWP. Characters don't listen, they cast spells and waste them on minor or almost dead foes. I miss half of what's happening in the game because its chaos. Characters get killed and I dont know it, and I have to reload constantly to get through anything.

I... I can't even imagine the Spider Lair with RTWP... Or the Hag's Lair... Shaking and crying right now.

How about they just speed up combat a bit instead? Maybe enemies grouped together in ini order could move at the same time. If done right, you can still have fairly fast paced turn based combat with lots of enemies, kinda like the Lost in Xcom2 Dlc. They had TONS of Lost in the map and they moved pretty quickly. Just something besides RTWP.

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