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You know the title of this game is not "Dungeons and Dragons 5e, The Video Game" right?

It is Baldurs gate 3. A video game that used Dungeons and Dragons as a guideline or is inspired by D&D.

Lol...no....Not accoridng to Swen Vincke/Larian:

BG3 is based on the fifth edition [of D&D]. We started by setting out the ruleset very meticulously, and then seeing what worked and what didn’t work – because it is a videogame, and D&D was made to play as a tabletop game. So for the things that didn’t work, we came up with solutions.
(Swen Vincke)

We started by taking the ruleset that's in the Player's Handbook. We ported it as faithfully as we could, then there were some number of things that we saw that doesn't work that well, and so we started looking for solutions to do that. The hardest part—and this is the most interesting part also about it, because there's a lot of stuff from the rules that actually ports quite well, so—but the most interesting part is the role of the Dungeon Master...(Swen Vincke)

But in terms of actual systems, it’s Fifth Edition D&D through and through. And we’ve changed some things, because it’s a different medium, so you can’t just be like, ‘let’s just take all the rules of a tabletop game and put it into a video game.’ It just doesn’t work. So there are a few things that change, but fundamentally it is D&D. It’s built on Fifth Edition. (Adam SMith)

Neither you, nor Swen should be surprised that people are upset at his dishonesty in how he described BG3, and the process of adapting 5e rules to the game, since it's painfully obvious that Larian started with DOS, and then attempted to graft on 5e, and what we have in EA, is a mess.

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