It can be done. Just write scripts for characters like NWN2 and similar games. The 5e rules can handle RTWP. I have no doubts. Assign timing for each move. Actions cost 4 seconds while Bonuses are 2, or something like that. Reactions are instant. You might, naturally have to tweak some rules, but the basics could be done.

I just don't like RTWP as stated in my last comment. I can't control characters as well. I imagine the fight against the Gith even as RTWP. They're porting all over the place and hitting my characters. I'd have to spam Space a thousand times to ensure everyone is using their skills and abilities to their fullest potential.

That's why I hate it. To REALLY use your abilities strategically and most effectively, you have to spam Pause constantly anyway every second or two to make sure everyone is cued up right. Then, if scripts aren't done right, or you forget one of your characters for a moment, characters may even override your commands or do nothing for whole seconds and do things you don't want them to. I cant tell you how many times in BG1 and 2 I found Imoen just standing there doing nothing because I was so focused on others and didn't realize she had run out of arrows and spells and such. She would just sit and vibe because I was busy trying to keep my main from doing. Either that or I'd discover she was killed without me even realizing it because while I was focusing elsewhere, another enemy came up elsewhere and killed her and she was too stupid to run and cry out for help.

I'm just saying, to play D&D using max strats, the best way is TB. If you want hack/slash games, there are other D&D RPG games for that, like BG Dark Alliance. Trying to make a tabletop game not turn based is just contrary to the whole point of creating this kind of game. Basically, you are trying to blend hack/slash with Tactical games, and it is just not a good blend... IMO. What you wind up with is something kinda tactical and strategic, but not really. This satisfies the people who don't care for games like Risk or Chess, but leaves the rest of us always wanting more.

This said, I don't mind them making RTWP an option. Just don't take away my TB.