What I would like to see you for camping and resting is:

1. Make sure that dialogues do not get overwritten bye future dialogues. All dialogues should exist in some sort of order and triggered whenever you go to camp. Some exceptions may apply. For example, if you go for a long time without long resting you might still trigger the Raphael dialogue after meeting Netti so that you keep the story on track. However, you could then still trigger dialogues like Gale's Mirror Image dialogue after Raphael.
2. I would like to see more group dialogue where all the characters are discussing things together as a party whether it is a group of customized characters or origin characters. For example, when we first find out about Astarion's secret we should have an entire conversation between all party members together not just between the main and Astarion. The group dialogues should be more for discussing where characters are going to go next and how they are going to handle their current situations these are things they should be deciding as a team.
3. I would also like to see one-on-one dialogues in a more intimate setting such as down by the river when we are attempting to pursue romance options. Right now all dialogue at camp seem to be in front of everyone yet not really including everyone. So some dialogues should be more intimate where two people are alone.
4. I would like resting and camping to be more time sensitive. If a long rest is the end of a day then players should see things changing as each day passes. When I go to the Grove, for example, after long resting I should hear different conversations instead of always seeing the same people having the same conversations etc.
5. Along with number 4, events should occur that move the story along. If three days pass, and I haven't exposed Kahga or rescued Halsin, the druids should complete their ritual...or maybe four days or five days...whatever. The point is that some events should be triggered if you take too long, thus keeping players from spamming the use of Long Rests.
6. I would like a Day/Night Cycle, if possible, and this could be accomplished via 2 Short Rests or just giving a player the ability to do 2 Long Rests per day. Yes, a Long Rest is supposed to be ending your day, but if I want to trigger a Day/Night cycle, we could just make a Long Rest an 8 hour period instead. Thus, if I Long Rest once, it moves from Day to Night. If I Long Rest again, I move from Night to Day. Sure, it goes a bit against the D&D 5e rules, but the point is that you are offering players the ability to trigger Day/Night cycle.

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