For controls, I'd like:

1. Auto-Jump. I picked where I want to go and I only jump if necessary to get there. If I can make the jump, I click the spot, and I just jump there. No need to click a Jump button.

2. Disengage all by itself. It needs to be an action so it matters to use it. Also, backstab should be removed unless 2 allies are flanking.

3. Party Mode Button. If you click it, everyone ia grouped. If I click a character or portrait, group is unchained. If I picked Stealth in Party Mode, all stealth together. Want to only have 2 or 3 grouped, hold Shift and click portraits.

4. Party Leader is in left most slot. This is the character who initiates dialogues, every time.

5. Switch Characters during Dialogue. So I can have Rogue Deceive, Fighter Intimidate, etc.

6. Spell menu, well organized and all on one spell menu popup window, not willy nilly on hot bar.

7. Same with special attacks like Menacing Strike and Sneak Attack, etc. Should be a menu for Actions and one for Bonuses.

8. Remove Dual vs. Single. If I want to use my off hand I'll click on the button. Dual causes characters to waste their offhand attack too often.

9. Inventory management overhaul. Too clunky. Needs multi-select feature at bare minimum and bags should have more value. Bags should have their own slot and determine how many items you can actually hold.

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