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Now, try to imagine the viewpoint of someone who knows neither 5E, nor Divinity: Original Sin. (I know, picturing what happens in other people's heads is hard.)

What do you think they think of the game? Do they think it's a mess?

It's not very difficult, my friends never played DOS or DnD. They all really enjoyed EA access BG3. The main thing is that this was their first game with tactical pause mechanics. I think they were interested because it was visually different from the others games like this. Before that, they played games like Dragon Age and The Witcher. First, they were attracted to visual part, then story, characters and gameplay. They didn't care about DnD rules. To be honest, I also do not know which "skills" are correct, and which are not. I've only studied lore, world, races, and things like that.

I believe that there are many people like me.

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty