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Now, try to imagine the viewpoint of someone who knows neither 5E, nor Divinity: Original Sin. (I know, picturing what happens in other people's heads is hard.)

What do you think they think of the game? Do they think it's a mess?
I played Patch 2 BG3 with a friend who had never played anything D&D or DOS before. Their favorite part of the game was Shoving enemies off high ground (distinct from shoving into pits) which has made me reconsider my opinions on the necessity of turning it back into an action.

Overall, my friend enjoyed the game with 2 big caveats:
- Conversations are currently almost entirely a one-person experience. Only 1 of the players gets to participate in the conversation and the game doesn't actually tell any other players what dialogue option was chosen. So it was boring and confusing for me as player 2. Currently, BG3 is only really multiplayer for combat and deciding where to go next.
- The game doesn't properly explain its mechanics. I, who was familiar with both 5e and BG3 via my first playthrough, had to explain a lot of things that the tutorial/tool-tips/codex really should explain in-game.