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Now, try to imagine the viewpoint of someone who knows neither 5E, nor Divinity: Original Sin. (I know, picturing what happens in other people's heads is hard.)

What do you think they think of the game? Do they think it's a mess?

I've seen this discussion come up a lot here and as a perpetual lurker I have honestly been afraid to get involved. These are just my thoughts on the game and my experience playing with my friend who has more DnD experience than I do.

I'm what I would call a beginner DnD player but also a lore nerd. I'm a few sessions into a short campaign and have really enjoyed it, but the parts I care most about are RP, world building, and lore. I'll spend hours reading about a world and characters much more than crunching any numbers or worrying about the perfect build. I still need help with when to roll which dice, what all the spells do, and what everything means in a tabletop setting. The DnD game I play apparently has some homebrew and I personally see no problem with homebrew. I don't much care for strictness as long as I'm enjoying myself. I think playing BG3 has helped me understand how DnD works better. I'm NOT saying that it's taught me to play DnD, because after seeing the complaints here I know that I'm getting a Larian homebrew, but rather now I can better visualize different spells and how to use things like perception checks and stuff... please don't hurt me forum people! BG3 has actually made me more excited to play tabletop DnD, which I would hope is what people want?

So needless to say I've had a great time. I've never played any DOS games. I think BG3 is fun. I don't think it's a mess, nor do I think combat is a mess. I've had times where I questioned certain things in combat or found it buggy, but I think this will improve. There are some things I think should be changed like disengage, shove, and high ground advantage, for example, but my overall assessment is that I love it and have high hopes for it.

I also did a full multiplayer playthrough with a friend who has played a lot of DnD 5e both as a player and as a DM. They lean more towards having a good build than worrying about lore and also have more experience with these types of games than I do (but I know they haven't played DOS). They enjoyed the game and we had a lot of fun on our playthrough. They did have times where they were like "that's different" or "it's usually this way" or "oof that's annoying, hope they fix that", but also found things like high ground advantage that they thought were cool, even if they need to be tweaked, and we talked about how that could be incorporated as a cool homebrew mechanic. Overall they liked the game and intend to play it when it comes out in full.