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I'm just saying, to play D&D using max strats, the best way is TB. If you want hack/slash games, there are other D&D RPG games for that, like BG Dark Alliance. Trying to make a tabletop game not turn based is just contrary to the whole point of creating this kind of game. Basically, you are trying to blend hack/slash with Tactical games, and it is just not a good blend... IMO. What you wind up with is something kinda tactical and strategic, but not really. This satisfies the people who don't care for games like Risk or Chess, but leaves the rest of us always wanting more.
Saying that a game can only be either tactical TB or hack and slash is just plain false. A game can absolutely be tactical and RTwP. You are simply speaking from your personal preference for TB, which is fine. But just because RTwP doesn't work for you as a tactical system, that does not mean it is not tactical in some absolute sense. For me, RTwP games like the IE, NwN, Dragon Age, PoE, and Pathfinder games are very much tactical, and I play them tactically. So please don't try to make out your personal preference to be some sort of universal truth.