Oh the usual "if it doesn't exactly fit my own personal point of view about what dnd is then I don't accept it".

I love the game. It has dragons, it has dungeons. By pure logic this is a dungeons and dragons game. It doesn't follow any edition of the rules by Wizards of the coast? Who cares. I use those when I play in real life around a table.

Nevertheless as the click baiting title of the thread stats I'll wait for the full version of the game. Just because I already now all the map, all the secrets, and so on, so to me it has lost appeal even if there are new classes added, I hope in the next patch they add new areas, that way the fact that I have to recreate a new character because of save incompatibilities won't be a burden.

I wish they could be able to accelerate the development now that vaccines for covid 19 are somministred.