I'm just saying, there needs to be some measure of time in the game. They have some of this already in place. They just need more of it. For example, after I talk to the adventurers in the Grove, the next time I return to the Grove they are gone. We need more of this kind of thing related to Long Rests. The Druid Ritual, for example, should not be in a constant state of NOT happening, as if the Druids are waiting around forever for you to stop them. Even if you want to give players lots of time to stop them, you need to do something to have it make sense.

For example, let's say I arrive at the Grove and find out about the ritual. The game allows you 2 Long Rests after that before something happens. That means that 2 days go by after you arrive at the Grove. They are nearing the completion of the ritual. Someone even mentions this as you return to the Grove.

But then, (again, this is just an example), THAT is when Arabella steals the statue, forcing them to start the ritual all over again. Now you've been bought another 2 days at least. You take 2 more long rests, so another 2 days go by. The ritual has been interrupted AGAIN. Kagha is just not having good luck. This time, goblins attacked the Grove while you were out, and the Druids were forced to abandon the ritual just to help the Tieflings ward off the goblins.

These are the kinds of things Larian could do to make things time sensitive based on Long Rests used but still buy players enough time to explore the whole map and enjoy the game. Still, it provides players a sense that time exists and things aren't just waiting around forever for you to do whatever you like at whatever pace you like.

Similarly, Lae'zel might not nag you at first to get to Zorru and the creche, but then after maybe 2-3 Long Rests she starts getting antsy. She maybe even threatens to leave the group if you don't take her seriously. It may even be just a bluff and she isn't going to leave you even if you take forever, but at least you are experiencing negative repercussions for taking too long to do certain story things that should be time sensitive. It at least is consistent with the story to have certain events triggered if you are abusing the Long Rest system.

And we need some sort of log to tell us how many days we've actually triggered. That would help too. Instead of the Time Sensitive Dialogue Log, which makes no sense at all to me because some dialogues only take 2 minutes to do but the log makes it seem like 30 minutes went by, let's have a Day Log letting you know what basically happened to you and your party each Day. Day 0, escaped from Nautiloid and the Hells. Day 1, met Shadowheart, fought Devourers, met Astarion, met fishermen, met Gale. Day 2, fought rogue adventurers, discovered Dank Crypt, met Lae'zel and freed her. Day 3, entered Druid's Grove, lists everything I did there, fought Harpies, etc.

That is more helpful to me and even helps me have a better sense at how much time is passing in the game. Then use this log to manage Time Sensitive Events like I described above. If I entered the Grove on Day 3 and learned about the ritual, maybe on Day 5 something happens like Arabella stealing the statue and buying me more time. That kind of thing. If I freed Sazza on Day 3 and helped her get to the goblins, maybe on Day 6 the goblins attack and disrupt the ritual again because Sazza told them how to find the Grove. Instead of sending a full force, they underestimated the Tieflings and Druids and sent too few gobbos.

Then, to add to this, if I talk to "I care about our lives, our FUTURES," on Day 3, then maybe on Day 4+ they are discussing something different, like how they are going to help the Tieflings if the gobbos attack, or maybe discussing the hopelessness of their situation, or maybe discussing how they might disrupt the ritual to buy them more time. Things like that so I'm not hearing the same darn conversation 4 days after I first heard it every time I'm in the Grove. This would go for every other character in the darn Grove who says the same exact thing constantly and every darn character throughout the entire game who says the same darn thing constantly. Either they don't talk, and there's just ambiance mumbling in crowded areas, or they just don't talk at all, cause that repetitive chitchat is killing me.

I'm just saying, mix it up. As days go by, have different people be in different places having different convos or just not there anymore or something. Right now, I feel like BG3 is mostly Groundhog's Day until you trigger certain events.

I think these kinds of things would make the game SO much better.