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For example, let's say I arrive at the Grove and find out about the ritual. The game allows you 2 Long Rests after that before something happens. That means that 2 days go by after you arrive at the Grove. They are nearing the completion of the ritual. Someone even mentions this as you return to the Grove.

Again, you are talking about controlling the decision making and play time of the player and how they play their adventure. Honestly, what your asking for is a terrible idea, and is not even done in time sensitive games like XCOM (unless you actively choose to not participate in an emergency mission maybe, but besides that, there is NO play mechanic that limits or controls how events in game happen.

What your talking about is the classic definition of an amusement park "on rails" game, trying to demand in what order you play the game, and how . I seriously do not see Larian EVER doing something like you are describing, and more than likely it falls perfectly under the "You think you want it, but you don't" meme.

I'm not trying to control decision making. Again, my point is that the world right now is very static. This is an RPG. It is supposed to be story driven and the story right now says hurry hurry hurry but the gameplay says chill. It makes no sense.

What I am suggesting is that Larian implement time sensitive changes. Make things less static. Have things happen to explain why the druids haven't finished the ritual if you've spent 7 days exploring the map. Tell me what happened to delay them. Maybe there was an argument between Rath and Kahga. Whatever. Just explain why things aren't happening when they logically should if you are wasting 7+ days completing act 1