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Well said. Anyone who reads that and expects pure D&D from Baldur's Gate 3 is an idiot.

There are changes to the mechanics, just like they said, and there are some oversights, like the importance of long rests. If these things bother you, feel free to say so. It's what everyone else is doing. It's what I do.

And maybe there are some quotes I'm not aware of. But if all we have to go on are the quotes above, you cannot reasonably say that Swen is wrong or lied about what they were delivering. Anyone perception that they have comes from your own assumptions of what a D&D game should and shouldn't be.

Where did I state that I expected "pure D&D"?

What I expected, was for Larian to do what they said they were doing, and start with adapting 5th edition, and make changes where necessary, not start with DOS, and add on a little 5e as lip service, which is what BG3 is in its current state.

I can 100% say that Swen was not truthful when he said that they adapted the PHB, because that is a demonstrably false statement.

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