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Pathfinder: Didn't play the first game, which is infamous for its timed quests! But from what I can see Wrath of the Righteous doesn't have timed quests, yay! I will likely give it a try when it comes out.
God, I hope you are wrong.
Did anyone just give up on designing a good game with interesting mechanics these days?

Unfortunately, its wrong. Owlcat again made their favorite "time limits", but now they are even worse, cuz it's a punishment. Do you think it's fun? Players of the beta version were so annoyed by this that they were looking for a way or bug that would help to cancel 'curse' effect which appeared after camp rest..

The Pathfinder mechanics have never been suitable for average player who wants to enjoy the game, rather than overcome and tryhard. And now they did it again. They made everything even more difficult than in Kingmaker. I'm glad you like it, but actually this kind of gameplay is not made for a large audience. This is for a narrow circle of fans of really difficult games.

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