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Where did I state that I expected "pure D&D"?

What I expected, was for Larian to do what they said they were doing, and start with adapting 5th edition, and make changes where necessary, not start with DOS, and add on a little 5e as lip service, which is what BG3 is in its current state.

Add a LITTLE 5e as lip service? How is it that I'm able to explain just about EVERY mechanic in BG3 to my friend, using nothing more than my knowledge of 5e? Seems like more than a little to me. Guess it's a matter of expectation.

As for them plugging the rules into DOS. Never played DOS, but it must be a lot like 5e, if what you're saying is true. The fact that they did this doesn't contradict anything they said, so there you have it.