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Unfortunately, its wrong. Owlcat again made their favorite "time limits", but now they are even worse, cuz it's a punishment. Do you think it's fun?
I do, for several reasons but especially because going with Kingmaker you'd have to be basicallty dumb as a brick to actually FAIL something because of a time limit.

It's like losing an XCOM 2 campaign to the Avatar Project. You'd have to basically ignore months of pre-warning without doing jack shit if not even deliberately working against your best interest... And then sport your best Pikachu face when when the campaign actually fails.
Most able-bodied players will end their campaigns with the Avatar Project steadily idle at ZERO just because it can't go on negative values. That's how easy it actually is to avoid the issue.

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Thanks for the heads up about it having timed quests! I will take that game off my list.
God forbid actually trying something out of your comfort zone and learn how it works before passing judgment on it.

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