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I do, for several reasons but especially because going with Kingmaker you'd have to be basically dumb as a brick to actually FAIL something because of a time limit.

Well, personally, it causes me stress, if we talk about Kingmaker, even if you dont fail it. The new system of "time limits" is different, and it is related to rest, it works more like a punishment, it just gives a feeling of constant discomfort or even worse, a level 3 "curse" is hard to get, but getting level 1 is very easy, and it already lowers your stats.

There are other similar points, for example, you need to kill some boss RIGHT NOW, you can not go LVL up and return to it later, you need do it RIGHT NOW. If you can't do it, you'll just have to skip this fight if possible. And if not, then replay again from last safe and pray to the gods for "critical hit".

I don't like it.

When I talk about the Pathfinder's "difficulty", I'm not just talking about "time limits". In fact, the Pathfinder leveling system is very complex, and you can easily ruin a companion or your own character. In new pathfinder, you also have to lvl up your pet, which you can also ruin. This may surprise you, but it can put a lot of people off. They'll just get tired of figuring it out.

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