I was doing some testing today and found a couple of things:

- Camera Trouble. In the Toll House, in combat, one of the characters climbed the ladder with the intention of using the door to go from inside the tollhouse to the tollhouse exterior (where the roof is). That door was unable to be seen, so that character was basically trapped on the upper level interior of the toll house. The camera was sort of locked to the lower levels and interior of the toll house only. I imagine there was a way to sort of shake the camera loose so that it would go into free mode, but it was frustrating to not be able to even see the door without having to mess with the camera a lot.

- Invisibility and Attacks of Opportunity. I have a team of invisible familiars. I have no idea how to enable Attacks of Opportunity for when they're invisible. If there's a bunch of invisible familiars surrounding an enemy, and that enemy moves, I want those characters to make their AoOs.

- Frightened Condition and Enemy AI. Enemies with the Frightened condition never attack, but they should be. They should be making attacks with disadvantage or actively seeking out other enemies to attack.

- Darkness and Ranged Attacks. Lobbed versus Straight Ranged Attacks. When a Darkness cloud is up, characters can lob grenades and such over the Darkness, but cannot shoot straight through it. This is just wrong in a lot of ways and I'd like it if ranged attacks within or near areas of magical darkness were more consistent in their behavior.

- Sleep not lasting the full duration. Sleep is supposed to last a minute but frequently only lasts maybe one or two rounds. Additionally, I don't think the AI ever uses the Help action to wake the sleeper. Additionally, familiars and pets should be able to wake sleeping allies.

- Concentration will randomly drop. I initially posted that this was caused by a player or character being out of range, but it looks like Concentration on things like Darkness or Fog Cloud will randomly drop for no reason. See image here for the combat log: https://imgur.com/a/wtwXhPb There isn't even a mention of dropping concentration or Darkness ending. All the log shows is that the characters lost the hiding condition.

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