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lol. You're right. When they said they made 5e with changes, I understood them to mean they were making 5e without changes.

I remember being invited to a 5e game, and when I got there the DM was like "oh, there's flanking bonuses." I felt so sad that I was lied to, as he said it was 5e, not 5e with changes.

As for the quote where he "lied", he expressly said they ported the rules from the PHB. What did they port it to? As for them STARTING from the PHB, duh. How could they port the rules if they didn't start by reading and considering the rules? You ASSUMED they would build everything from the ground up, which they did NOT say they would do, even in that cute little color coded block of text you provided.

Thanks for proving my point, nearly every aspect of 5e that they've tried to implement, they've changed with their homebrew rules, i.e., they've paid "lip service" to 5th edition.

Swen is the one who said that they started by implementing the PHB, those are his words, his description of how they developed BG3, you can simp for him all you want, but that still won't change the fact, that those were his statements, and from what we have in Early Access, it is obvious, that they did not do what Swen stated. They've tacked on some 5E concepts onto DOS, and called it DnD.

Proving your point? You understand I was being facetious, right? Maybe when you've played more 5e you'll understand that a good chunk of players play with some sort of homebrew. Are they simply paying lip service to dnd?

Call me a simp if you like. I prefer to think of it as comparing Swen's words to his actions. Seems like he told the truth, considering that the sweet caramel center is 5e. Quote all the homebrew you want, it doesn't change that the core mechanics are 5e.

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you can simp for him all you want,
You have been asked before to keep the conversation polite yet you persist in using confrontational and insulting language and phraseology in your posts.

The next time you are insulting, belittling or aggressively dismissive in these forums, you will find that you are no longer welcome here.

I won't tell you how to do your job, but for what it's worth, my feelings aren't hurt. People will bash this game for not being what they want or expect. Some will do so with more passion than others. If they're going to do it, I say let them do it here, so I can correct any misconceptions they have.

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