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Proving your point? You understand I was being facetious, right? Maybe when you've played more 5e you'll understand that a good chunk of players play with some sort of homebrew. Are they simply paying lip service to dnd?

Call me a simp if you like. I prefer to think of it as comparing Swen's words to his actions. Seems like he told the truth, considering that the sweet caramel center is 5e. Quote all the homebrew you want, it doesn't change that the core mechanics are 5e.

Yes, and in your attempt to be facetious, you've proved the point. Swen stated that Larian was starting with adapting the PHB, and then making changes to mechanics that didn't translate well.

From what we have in Early Access, it's readily obvious that is not what Larian actually has done; his statement, is false. Larian started with DOS, added some heavily modified 5e concepts, and ditched the rest. Reality is incongruous with his previous statements.

Whether you like homebrew rules, or like having a sprinkling of 5th edition on DOS, is irrelevant to the original discussion. Given your limited experience with 5e, I don't really expect you to grasp the importance of the mechanics and why they don't mesh with DOS. Maybe finding a local gaming group and getting a few hours getting a character up to level 5 or so would help your perspective.