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Long post, I know, but I hope someone reads this feedback anyway and does not ignore it as another Solasta-related shitpost
tl;dr Solasta if you like to solve tactical puzzles in SP (not aware if it has MP at all), BG3 if you want to have a cinematic Single-/Multiplayer experience

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I agree with the OP. Solasta's combat plays way better then BG3's.
But can you shove a goblin watchman from his guardpost into a ravine? I have only seen Solasta's trailers, but BG3 appears simply more cinematic to me. Raw mechanics are interesting, especially when the finer/math-y points are handled by a fast calculating computer. If that is your main draw for a 5e/D&D video game, by all means play Solasta over BG3.
Edit: There is a reason Pool of Radiance and Temple of Elemental Evil, who slavishly followed D&D rules to the letter are somewhat obscure games for genre enthusiasts while Baldurs Gate 1+2 are beloved classics despite the jank.

That being said, I can see BG3 being more fun with friends, as it lends itself better to CREATING memorable stories. That is only in part referencing the writing that is in the game. How players interact with the story is always much more memorable. Like, your druid character wishes to help the druids first and foremost (i.e. "handling" the Tieflings) while your dickass thief buddy (who may very well exist in the same game at the same time) does not really care and navigates goblin politics for fun. That can lead to PvP conflict, and it has 'broken' many attempts at playing the campaign together with friends, each of them memorable, mind you.
I get your point and generally agree with you. BG3 is obviously made for the multiplayer & cinematic experience, whereas Solasta is made primarily for a linear story and tactical combat.

But one of the tutorial missions in Solasta explicitly tells you to shove some wolves off a bridge into a ravine. Like, a tooltip comes up informing you about Shove and suggesting that you push those puppies right off. So the example you brought up is amusing :P