I really do not want real time clock at this point. After some of the discussions out here I realized that real time clock would not make the game fun. I am not talking about unrealistic timing in the game. If you read my posts again I even said that I just want some sort of sense of time.

So say they give us 5 days to stop Kahga from the ritual and 7 days to stop the goblins and the Grove ritual, this being 5 and 7 days after you first arrive at the Grove. You long rest 2 times, so 2 days to by. It is then that Arabella steals the statue, buying you 3 more days before the ritual is done. You rest 2 more time, a Tiefling arrives at camp in the morning. "The Druids are going to complete the ritual. Help us." You decide. Kill Kahga and druids? Save Halsin real quick that day? Find the evidence that day to dethrone Kahga? See? Multiple endings to that 1 potential scenario. Not game over but multiple paths to choose based on time actually transpiring.

2 more long rests. Goblins gonna attack the grove. Again, you have a choice. Help fight gobbos or use it as an op to raid their base while they are away. Again, not game over. Just different results because time exists and is happening.

The exact timing is not the point make it 7 and 10 days. Whatever. The point is events are triggered and your decisions and how many days you spend make a difference in what paths you can take.