This has my complete support.

Whilst we've gotten used to the LOTR film Elven archtype, I'm moderately sure the original influences are where D&D got their own throw on it... and whilst I'm not against the typical pointy ear humans we have, I'd prefer them to spend the appropriate amount of time on each and every race. Especially given the love they've shown to Tieflings and Dwarves. ( Just need more beards, horns and hair for both parties )

Considering a heavy number of Fae/Fairy races will likely not be added due to them being Small/Tiny/Winged etc; I would like the Fae touched races we do have, to actually look the part! Even if it means morphing/ruining Shadowheart's current face (and it is a nice one) she looks more like a Quarter Elf, not a Half.