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Larian has to try to balance BG3 as a 5e game while still being fun as a videogame to someone who has no experience with 5e, which can be difficult. But genuinely closer to 5e sounds to me like it'll achieve both.

Ironically, from the posts I have seen. The people that have little to no 5E experience are enjoying the game a lot, and the people that are knowledgeable in 5e are the people with the problems. People that don't have 5e experience see this as a dungeons and dragons game, with good story telling, and do not get hung up on translations of rules. While the hardcore 5e crowd are the ones that seem to despise the game and go on about Solasta being so great.

Just thought this sentence was slightly off.

Not really, my knowledge before bg3 was 4e and 3.5, previous versions of d&d still carry over features to the next. Core fundamental features are to be expected from a game being advertised as dungeons and dragons.

From my First Post you can see me questioning missing features from races along with balance between the races. BTW there is a free pdf of 5e rules on d&dbeyond website.

Generally anyone that puts enough time into something, you'll see the cracks in it. I have 205.8 hours into EA, started optimistic for the most part and now generally the game comes off as a leap frog simulator with a mime main character. Most aspects of the game has been adjusted and tweaked by larian and uses 5e just as a guideline.

BTW you can't group up people and presume they will all have the same mind set about something.

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