Here are the reasons for Long Rest Times Sensitive Events:

1. Story pushes time sensitivity. Again, Druids will sit and do nothing for 20 days if you want, never completing the ritual that's should only take a few days and gobbos never attack either.
2. Unlimited Long Rests make most items you pick up pointless. If I can long rest as much as I want the only use for healing items is as extreme emergency items. I don't need food, potions, etc. hardly at all because I can long rest after every battle.
3. Short rests are pointless too. Why Short Rest at all when there is not penalty for Long Rest?
4. The world is almost totally static. How long does the Tiefling girl need to pack for their trip to Baldurs? How long are the trio going to discuss their lives and futures? How many days are the gobbos in Blighted Village gonna pick through the same garbage if I don't kill them?
5. No sense of time in the game. And yet, Long Rest is clearly defined as end day and thus the passing of time. So the system is built to be time sensitive, but then there is not real time passage in the game. NOTHING changes. Ever. Even in BG1 and similar games they had a journal that told you how many days you spent doing different things. In this game, totally nebulous. Again. It's like Groundhog Day, reliving the same day over and over again doing different things each day.

Look. I get that OTHER video games don't care about these things, but this is D&D. It is THE RPG. The Original RPG. The whole point of an RPG is to immerse yourself into the role of your character. The story, the environment, everything, should simulate reality. If the story says move your butt, you should move your butt. If you don't, then DM is supposed to do things to nudge you back on course. Good DM's nudge players in the direction they should go.

So my idea is, you do 2 long rests, or something similar, and the game nudges you by reminding you that you need to: rescue Halsin, save the Tieflings, get to the creche, kill the gobbo leaders, etc. I'm not saying that you only get 3 days to stop the druids or kill gobbos. Im saying after 3 days SOMETHING happens to say "Hey. You know. You don't have forever to do this thing." Then give another couple days and say "Im...seriously. If you don't do something soon..."

Then, after x number of days, whatever Larian decides makes sense, then maybe some side quests trigger for you. Gobbos attack, druids kick people out, etc., but only AFTER a lot of Long Rests. SOMETHING to give other items and game functions purpose and meaning and to be consistent with the story.

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