Let me try to reword what I'm suggesting.

Picture this: First Playthrough. New player.

Day 0. Wake up in nautiloid. Escape hells. Land on beach. Nee day dawns.

Day 1. Explore beach. Meet Shadowheart. Fight Devourers. Meet Astarion. Fisherman encounter. Meet Gale. Encounter Gimblebock. Fight Marli and Barton and crew. Long Rest. End day 1.

Day 2. Beat Dank Crypt. Save Lae'zel. Get to Grove Fight. Meet everyone in Grove. You learn about the ritual and Halsin needing rescue and such. Long Rest. Day 2 ends.

Day 3. Fight harpies. Explore. Meet Ed's sibs. Fight owl bear. Long rest. End day 3.

Day 4. Meet Scratch. Arrive at Moonhaven. Fight gobbos. Explore a bit. Long rest. End day 4.

Day 5. Wake up at camp. Tiefling is there sent by Zevlor. "Quick. Come to the grove," he says. "One of the Tiefling children stole the idol. The druids are judging her right now. Will you help?" Astarion says, "Don't be ridiculous. How does this effect us?" "Agreed," says Lae'zel. "The Tieflings are of no concern to us." You agree to go. You save Arabella. The ritual now must start over. Kahga is fuming. You now return to Moonhaven and explore. Lae'zel stops you. She complains that you are wasting precious time. "We need to find the creche already. Do you think my kin will wait for us to show up?" You ignore her and explore the town, save the gnome, explore Spider Lair. Long Rest. End Day 5.

Day 6. You return to Moonhaven and the gnome is there. "Goblins are preparing to attack some sort of grove soon. I heard them talking about it. I'm trying to find the best route out of these parts. Goblins west. Gith watching the road north. Gnolls everywhere. It's nuts!" Then he leaves. You head north. Fight gnolls. Deal with Tyrite issue. Long rest. End day 6.

Day 7. Waukeens rest. Gith. Long rest. End day 7.

Day 8. You receive word from Zevlor. They just repelled another goblin attack. It was larger this time. They were testing defenses. Druids were forced to help. The ritual has to start over again. You explore south. Face hag. Long rest.

Day 9. Find stuff in bog. Face Kahga. Stop ritual. Long rest.

Day 10. Tiefling at camp again. Reports goblin army is ready to attack soon. Scouts report it could be any day now. You set out to the gobbo base. So some stuff. Long Rest.

Day 11. Face gobbo bosses. Celebration at camp.

Day 12. All is well. Set out for underdark. From there, any places you didn't explore you could now explore at leisure before going there.

Now let's say in the second playthrough, the player takes 15 days. On Day 15, they wake up to hear marching and horns. Player has a choice. Gobbos are attacking the grove. Either you help defend it, like you might during evil playthrough, or you sneak onto gobbo camp to save Halsin. You save Halsin. Return. Gobbos are still fighting the Tieflings and Druids. They are holed up in the area with Kahga and Nettle. You must save them with Halsin's help. You do. Celebration. Next day, explore any other areas and head for the underdark at your leisure.

Different game experiences based on timing. Long rest has more meaningful. Time exists. The world is not static. Players are encouraged to use items and maybe rest less.

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