Yeah. I don't know. It seems like every conclusion we come to on these forums is: Make it and Option that we can customize.

Larians gonna explode from all the customizations we're asking for.

The bottom line is that unlimited Long Resting throws other game elements out the window. I don't need potions, food, short rests or pretty much any of the items I find in game of I can just Long Rest after every battle. So what's the point?

If Long Rests at least trigger different events, then every time I play, I will probably have a different experience with the game based on how many Long Rests I take and when I take them.

So to summarize. No limits too long rest, all healing items etc are pointless. Make Long Rests trigger time sensitive events, now the items have more meaning and different events are triggered based on how many long rests I do and when O take them. Know, everything has purpose and meaning.